Thailand, you will leave your heart

thailandThailand is one of the best places in the world to visit. It is full of unforgettable things, such as local markets, friendly faces and landscapes to remember forever. Tourism is very popular today, especially in the biggest cities such as Bangkok and in the biggest (and most famous of course) beaches, such as the Patong one.

Thailand and thailandese people are very famous all around the world for their hospitality and friendliness. They know how to give the best experience to every tourist, coming from all the world.

Depending on which part of Thailand you arrive, you can have a mix of different cultures (Thailand is a very cosmopolitan place) and live the real Thai life (at the same time, this amazing place is still very conservative of its own traditions). In each region and in each city you are going to visit there something to visit, to do and to see, so you won’t be bored in this place.

Apart the biggest cities, such as Bangkok, Thailand is quite important in every part of it. The central part is very know for the fertility of the land, so Thailandese people grow various species of fruits and rice.

If you like summer and hot weather then you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches and seascapes in the world, such as Phuket. This peninsula offers islands and beaches, from south to the north, not easy to forget once seen. In short you can be sure there’s something for you in Thailand, something magic and unforgettable, something you will miss for sure as soon as you are on the way back home.