Thailandese music

Thailand has several kinds of music, starting from thai classical music, known as Phleng Thai Doem, which is composed of various sounds, melodies and rhythms. The classical orchestra, known by the name of “Ranat ek lekpìì – phààt”, is usually composed by 5 to 20 instruments. Among them there is for sure the pìì, a 4 strings instrument played as a guitar. Other instruments used to play this kind of music are pìì – phààt, the “saw” and the khluì, a wooden flute.

Pop music is also well known in this land, as the most popular artists of this genre are Chai Muang Sing and Siriporn Amphaipong. Thai Pop, which has its roots in the Western one, is still played to maintain its original identity. The genre is called “Luuk Thung” and is born in the 40s of the last century. Appreciated by the popular audience because of his lyrics, which usually talks about lost loves, premature deaths and denounces of the harsh life of the fields, pop music is one of the most played and loved in Thailand (and pop music loves Thailand, as seen in dozens of songs, like the famous A passage to Bangkok by Rush, src Rockol).

Alternative pop is also well known. It is born from thai pop played during the nineties in Bangkok and today is as an alternative to “classical pop”. In thailandese language, this genre of music is called “Klawng sèhrii”. It is caracterized by new musical frontiers played by artists and provocative lyrics, which are, in some cases, censored by the Ministry of Culture. One of the most famous band in this genre are the Silly Fools, which play a nice mixture between rock and electronic music.