Visit Thailand with children

travel-childrenDo you have a family with young children? Would you like to visit Thailand but you are worried about your baby? No problem at all, as Thailand as a “children size” place to visit. Let’s have a look at some tips in order to enjoy at best your holiday in Thailand with your entire family, without worries.

Among the destinations to be avoided we should include all regions of southern Thailand. Those part of Thai can be subject to daily attacks. Other areas most at risk, which should be avoided by everyone, especially from those who travel with young children, are those on the border with Malaysia. At the end we can name three provinces: Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala. Because of the high rate of violence and crime it is advisable to avoid go on vacation there, in Sutan and in Songkhla.

As for the food, the first thing to note is that the Thai cuisine varies from region to region. Children can eat Som Tum and Padtai. The first dish is a kind of mixed salad typical of the place, prepared with shrimp, peanuts and papaya. The Padtai is the also known as “western spaghetti” , cooked and seasoned with a mix of vegetables, meat and fish. To be avoided foods and drinks bought on the streets.

Prior to departure, or rather before any reservation, you can consult your doctor in order to see if there is some vaccination which can be ideal for your baby. By following those tips, once there, you can just think to enjoy.